Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where can I find free Melody Bober music sheets?

I just want a Melody Bober music sheet and I want to be able to mark on it, so I just want to download it and not buy the whole book. ThanksWhere can I find free Melody Bober music sheets?
I agree - if you OWN the music, you are allowed to make copies for educational purposes. When I purchase chamber music for my professional groups, I copy EVERYTHING, and give the players the copies - that way, if anything got LOST, I have the original. You are allowed to make copies in competition to avoid bad page turns - we have people So scared about copying music, beyond what is necessary.

No, you may NOT expect to get this free!!! BUY the book, then copy what you wish to write on. This is copyrighted - and you don't intend to STEAL, do you???Where can I find free Melody Bober music sheets?
Most of Ms Bober's music is published by FJH music.

If you have already purchased the books (or individual sheet music) I would go against the grain and say that you should be allowed to photocopy that for purposes of marking it up while you are learning it. To me that seems to be a legitimate and fair use of the music.

It also doesn't mean that you can make copies of someone else's copy.

It won't do you any good at a copy shop because they will not let you copy copyrighted materials no matter the use or justification.

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